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Windstar Cruises

Windstar cruises are in a group to themselves since they are small sailing vessels. These small ships offer the exclusivity of a small ship cruise with the informality of a sailing vessel. The onboard experience, as their advertising slogan says, is "180 degrees from ordinary. They are part of Carnival's "World's Leading Cruise Lines." previously owned by Holland America. The officers are European, and the hotel and service staff are Filipino and Indonesian. Windstar Cruises is rated as the Best Overall Value for small ships in its category by the WOCLS. They have a very high percentage of repeat passengers and are highly recommended for travellers that can entertain themselves and simple want to relax.
To sum up the "180 degree from ordinary" slogan of Windstar.It provides for:
Casually elegant atmosphere and attire; closed circuit TV, music CD, game, book and video library, 24 hour room service, open, single seating dining, Joachim Splichal signature cuisine, afternoon tea and desserts, 24 hour open bridge policy and complimentary watersports program.

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Search the database below for our cruise special on Windstar Cruises. These specials offer the best values in cruising today! For comparison purposes we have included cruise lines which, although they are not sailing vessels, never-the-less offer the same or similar level of service.
The offers however are time sensitive and capacity controlled! Check with us for availability and latest price!

Crisp sails angle against a sky, blue as a dream. Teak decks warm the soles of your bare feet. A staff member, gracious yet unobtrusive, seems to magically appear with an ice-cold rum punch or an extra fluffy pillow just as you've thought of it. Your dress is casually elegant - a style unique to Windstar where no jackets or ties are required. A perfectly prepared salmon fillet is whisked onto the linen cloth before you, followed by a heavenly crème brulee'. You toast your mutual exquisite taste in choosing this cruise, and each other.
Should you be unable to find the cruise that will fit into your vacation plans then please search our general database below. It provides access to all of the itineraries of Windstar Cruises and other cruise lines. When you have found a date and itinerary that interests you please give us a call toll free at 1-877-325-7522 or ask for a quote on availability and pricing.
The Windstar Cruises sailing fleet consists of four ships.
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The first of these three small ships, with the private yacht feel, are similar. A total of 88 crew members cater to 148 exclusive guests in a casually elegant atmosphere of no tuxes or ties. The ships have 1 deluxe ocean view Owner's Suite with twin or queen bedding and 73 ocean view staterooms. Great cuisine with "Under the stars" barbeques, open bridge policy and small exotic ports accessible to these sailing ships due to their shallow draft make these cruises a livetime memory.
Hair, nail and massage salon are available
Wind Surf - this sailing yacht is in a class by itself with 148 crew catering to 308 guests. There are 31 deluxe ocean view suites and 123 deluxe staterooms, 2 dining areas, "Compass Rose" cafe, two restaurants and an open airy lounge as well as an internet cafe. Breakfast is served on deck daily. There is a spa facility with trained massage therapistsand casino with blackjack, roulette and slot machines.

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