On this page we will attempt to answer some of the most common questions occuring in preparation for your cruise experience. Questions requiring a shorter answer are on this page while those requiring a lengthier explanation are accessible through the pull-down menu below. You can also always send us an email with your question or contact an expert at 1.877.325.7522 - but please - we operate a business -and we cheerfully go the extra mile for people that book their vacation with us.
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FACT - Cruises have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than any other vacation experience.

Why should I go on a cruise?
Convenience - relaxation ... cruises today equal or surpass some of the finest all inclusive land based resorts. A cruise presents a convenient vacation package. No packing or unpacking, dinner or night club reservations, flight connections. Instead you sit back and allow yourself to be pampered (or go non-stop.. your choice), meet new friends, dine like never before, enjoy one great show after another.

What is included in my ticket price?
The price includes all your meals, your stateroom, use of all of the facilities, activities on board ship, entertainment and an exciting voyage to some of the most interesting destinations in the world. There is no tennis or golf? Ask your ship to make reservations at the next landbased facility and you may just be able to play in more different clubs than ever before.

What is not included in my ticket price?
Typically your only extra expense on a cruise will be drinks, optional shore excursions, internet services, and personal services such as hairstyling and massage. Tipping to the staff will also be an additional expense.

How much do I Tip?
This is always a delicate question. Cruise staff in most instances is expecting you to tip for the services they provide. It is done at the end of the cruise. Different policies have evolved. Some cruiselines automatically add US$10 per person per day to your bill at the end of the cruise and you have the choice to reducing or increasing the amount based on your experience. Others still have the old tradition where at the end of the cruise you personally express your gratitude to the individual that made you vacation a success. Still other cruise lines have a 'tipping not required policy' which means that the amount of the tip and to whom is strictly at your discretion. In some cases the agency includes tipping in the price. As to the amount you can count on US$10 per person per day divided among the cabin steward, the waiter and busboy

Is cruising affordable and a good vacation value?
There are cruises to fit every budget. You know before you leave on your vacation how much you are going to spend.

How long are cruises?
Cruises range from 2 days to 3 months. The most popular are the 7 and 10 day cruises.

Where can I go?
The question is where do you want to go. Cruises visit over 1800 ports world wide and practically any destination is accessible by water. If there is one place that you always wanted to see and it is not accessible by water book a cruise that either offers a shore excursion to that destination or book extra nights before or after the cruise. Talk to a cruise professional.

Are all ships fairly similar?
No! Ships range from small intimate yacht like vessels with fewer than 100 guests to megaships with more than 3000 fellow travelers. Enjoy atmospheres ranging from casual to formal or you can even travel on sail assisted ships. There are ships with virtual golf driving ranges, ice rinks, rock climbing walls, paddle tennis and basketball..

Are there different types of cruises?
You have luxury cruises which even keep the in-room refrigerator stocked with drinks and specialize in unique destinations or large contemporary ships which offer a huge array of recreational facilities. Soft adventure cruises, cultural enrichment cruises, destination cruise, enrichment lectures on board, cooking classes, computer classes, art appreciation classes and auctions are all part of the modern cruise experience.

Are there different classes of service?
The old days of first ... etc. class are gone. With the exception of one cruise line todays cruise ships are 'one class'. Regardless of the category of cabin you book you will receive the same courteous service, menus and participate in the same entertainment. On some ships, if you book a suite, you will receive the services of a butler and have some special lounges on your floor.

Are kids welcome on board?
Most cruise lines welcome children and provide special programing for them in their own clubs and video arcades on board. Some even have special shore excursion just for children. Our clients have been generally enthused about the programs offered for children on board. Some ships provide baby sitting services for an extra fee.

What is there to do at night?
Dancing, live entertainment, night clubs, feature films, casinos, karaoke or simply enjoying conversation with new found friends in a friendly piano bar.

Are there medical services on board?
Virtually every cruise ship has medical facilities and health care professionals on staff to handle almost any emergency. But there is a cost to using the services. So discuss your insurance coverage with you travel professional before you go in the cruise.

Are there laundry facilities on board?
Almost all ships have laundry facilities and many provide dry-cleaning service for an extra charge.

Is there smoking on board?
Most cruise ships are smoke free with the exception of special rooms or areas reserved for that purpose.

Will I get sea sick?
Probably not. Popular cruise itineraries travel through some of the calmest waters in the world. In addition, stabilizers on modern ships, availbility of advanced weather information and effective preventative medication for the most part elminate the incidence of motion discomfort.

Can we celebrate special occasions?
Absolutely! Most cruise lines will treat you to a complimentrary cake and a happy chorus of "Happy whatever .." to honor the occasion. And your new found friends around the table will happily join in. Advise your travel agent of the special occasion before you leave if they forget to ask.

What are the different cabins?
All staterooms are located above the waterline. The major differentiation is between inside and outside (oceanview). Inside staterooms are located towards the middle of the ship and therefore are without windows. They usually have a curtain with lights behind to give the impression of a window. Major disadvantage would be that you are unable to determine the outside weather before getting out of the cabin, although closed circuit TV in your stateroom in most cases makes this now a mute point. Outside staterooms are located along the outside of the ships hull and in the majority of cases have windows, some still have portholes. Staterooms with verandahs have sliding doors to an outside verandah. Junior suites and suites are usually differentiated by size. Suites can go up to consisting of several rooms, two bathrooms, walkin closets, butler's pantry etc with sizes of 1200 sf or more.