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The Celebrity Experience

"Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced," wrote the poet Keats. And a Celebrity cruise is no exception. Until you experience for yourself the world-class style that distinguishes every ship in the Celebrity fleet, you can only imagine the taste of perfectly prepared tournedos Rossini or the exhilaration of Celebrity's exclusive AquaSpa programs. Until you personally experience the five-star service for which Celebrity is acclaimed, you won't know what it means to be treated not simply as a passenger, but as our honored guest.
Until you experience the pleasure of spending a memorable day in port, then returning to ship where all the comforts and conveniences you could wish for await you, it will remain just a dream. Come live the Celebrity experience, and allow us to exceed your expectations.
At Celebrity Cruises, our objective is a simple one: present an incomparable cruise experience aboard ships of uncompromising style and sophistication. That is why we have enlisted the talents of world-renowned ship architects and designers to create a truly extraordinary fleet. Every ship reflects Celebrity's meticulous attention to detail, yet each vessel has its own distinctive style, with its own uniquely inviting public rooms and social spaces. Like observation lounges that transform to discos at night. And intimate lounges where you can sample a hand-rolled cigar. From the moment you step aboard, Celebrity's furnishings, decor and air of understated elegance create a festive, carefree environment to enjoy among new friends, together sharing the Celebrity experience.

On Celebrity Cruise Line You awaken to cappuccino and gourmet scones. Luxuriate in a seaweed and mineral bath in Celebrity Cruise's renowned spa at sea. Roam around an exotic island, a bustling market or an Alaskan cove. Propose a toast with a martini made perfectly to your liking. Feast on cuisine prepared to the standards of Master Chef Michel Roux. Top off a whirlwind evening with a cigar and aperitif in Michael's Club. Only here, do you awaken to do it all over again.
The five-star Celebrity cruise ships are not for the traveler addicted to the activity level on 3 star ships. The "five-star" cruise lines represent the deluxe segment of the cruise business. They offer a noticeably more elevated level of service. They are approaching mass market but still provide exceptional service, elegant and refined ambiance, extra attention to passenger comfort and satisfaction, a very high level of ship's maintenance, but less inclusive pricing then some of of the five-star-plus cruise lines.

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